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Self-Defence - Stamford

The Bartitsu Organisation Here at the Fitness Fiend Self-Defence classes, we teach Modern, Effective self-defence, based on the Bartitsu system developed by EW Barton-Wright. Using a mixture of eastern and western martial arts, dealing with both armed and unarmed encounters we apply traditional skills and modern training methods to give fun and practical martial art instruction.
Left Lead Stance

Are you interested in learning practical street self-defence in a fun and friendly environment? Simply send us an email and we will contact you as soon as we have a date for the next class. These are brand new weekly classes that will be starting and we are currently waiting until we get enough interest so we can finalise a date. Be one of the first to get involved in this exciting form of self-defence.

We also provide private, one-to-one tuition at your home for those who are unable to attend the classes or maybe would prefer to learn in private rather than part of a group. How about mixing up the tuition with our nutrition and weight management advice? That way, while you are learning sound self-defence techniques, you will be gaining valuable dietary and activity advice.

Once the main classes are up and running we will also be starting an 8 week self-defence course that will give you a great foundation in the ability to defend yourself should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in a real defence situation.

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Feel free to call us on +(44)7432 142992 or send us an email if you require further information on our self-defence classes.

Name Description Cost
Street Self-Defence Class
Weekly street self-defence class
Fun and friendly self-defence classes for men and women that will provide you with the necessary training to defend yourself in a street attack situation. They are also a great cardiovascular workout so you will be burning off a few calories as you train.
£7 Call for Details
Junior Street Self-Defence Class
Weekly self-defence class for juniors
Fun and friendly self-defence classes for anyone under the age of 18. The training provided is similar to the adult class with parts of the syllabus modified to take age into account.
£6 Call for Details
1-2-1 Private Self-Defence Lessons
One hour of 1-2-1 private self-defence tuition
Along with our group classes, we provide private tuition on a 1-2-1 basis. This allows us to tailor your training specifically for you.
£20 Call for Details
Signup for a self defence class
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